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Business Letters Describe motivation applying a top financial company f (i.e. JPG Morgan, Chase, Goldman Sachs,) MBA Early program academic professional background* coupled MBA degree planning complete, prepare a career Investment Banking.

To whom it may concern:

As a recent graduate with a degree from an Ivy League university, soon to complete his MBA, I am often asked I regret my major in finance and economics. I am reminded of the many scandals that are currently plaguing my field of study, and the many layoffs Wall Street has experienced. However, in my view, there is no more exciting time to be a part of the changing economic landscape. Armed with an MBA, I believe that I can help change the attitudes the public currently has towards Wall Street. My minor in government will also enable me to more effectively deal with the calls for greater government oversight of the banking industry.

Recent losses and scandals have made investment banking firms vulnerable to criticism. New employees in the industry must know how to remain within the law, ensure that the company remains profitable, and to operate within the current framework of regulation, so as to not draw the ire of Washington politicians eager to generate more red tape for the industry.
Far from regretting my degree, I regard it as a passport to a new and exciting future. So much is an unknown quantity in terms of the shape of the global economy, and I have the knowledge and assets to be an active participant in shaping this future reality.

Of course, like any finance graduate one of my main motivations for applying to work at a top financial firm is my excitement at the prospect of being on the cutting-edge of the major deals that will change the financial world in the future. Investing the next top firms that will change the way that people live and work is my passion. I hope to serve my clients and enable their investments to grow so they may realize their financial goals; I hope to serve the firm in its quest for profitability. I understand that the new….....

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