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I have several questions pertinent to the food business. First of all, does Pappa John's have any advice in cutting costs regarding a food budget? Pappa John's offers so much variety as well as quality. In my organization I would not simply like to deliver chicken, but entire family meals reminiscent of the Southern United States, including corn bread, biscuits, greens, and sweet potatoes. How does Pappa John's balance the need between freshness, variety, and the bottom line? Also, what is the Pappa John policy in terms of selecting drivers with good records, who will transport the food with speed?

Lastly, there is a question of funding.
How did the original 'Pappa' tap into the funding sources to create the first establishment, at so young an age? What was the 'sell' for the business that garnered the original funding for the first 'Pappa John'?

Any additional advice you could provide to a new, small business owner would be invaluable. Your success remains an inspiration to me, and I would be honored, one day, to send you a sample of my product, as your business has provided so many quality meals for my own family.

Thank you so much, and best wishes for the future

Yours truly.....

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