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Moreover, with Axxent about to be licensed for new treatments, we will have a better sense of the potential market among our existing customers.

With our different potential customer groups identified and classified, we can then define strategies to market to each. It is important that we tailor our marketing strategy to each unique group, since each type of customer will have different needs that we should address. Also, any time we have a customer that represents an opportunity to market multiple products, that creates the opportunity for sales efficiencies. This is where having an intimate knowledge of our competitors comes in. We can tailor our strategies to directly exploit their weaknesses.

We also will develop a plan for tracking our sales results. It is not only imperative that we know results for individual sales reps, but we should also be able to track by customer type, so we can better understand the relative strengths and weaknesses of our different strategies and approaches. Furthermore, we should always understand the market in which we operate. Proper results tracking helps to us constantly benchmark against our own goals and, when possible, against our competition as well.

A also feel it is important that we pay some attention to sales force motivation.
We not only want to set objectives, but we want to ensure that we reach them. Part of this comes from finding ways to keep our sales team motivated.

I will design a program for communication. Our people should not operate in the dark. If one rep develops a winning technique, the rest should know about that. Also, the marketplace can change rapidly, so it is imperative that we develop cutting edge communications techniques.

We also need to look at marketing that does not directly involve the sales force. At present, the website is poor. The conferences section has not been updated in a year, there is almost no contact information and there are dead links to some of the.pdf pamphlets. Ideally, the website could do a lot of marketing for us and be properly integrated with the sales force. We need to look at ways of incorporating this and other modern communications technologies into our business development strategy.

Lastly, we need to keep all of this in line with our budget constraints. The tracking and control systems will incorporate costs so that we can always know where the most effective money is being spent. This will help us get the most out of our limited resources......

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