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Cloud storage and other online solutions offer the reassurance of a remote backup strategy that complements your local backup strategy. This is a burgeoning market and backup options and pricing vary. Depending on the storage and user needs, these service cost nearly $120 to $700 per year. Using web-based storage services to back up what you don't feel comfortable storing locally will also help to keep costs lowered.

Providers include Carbonite, Amazon S3, DropBox and Mozy. In addition to basic backup services, many offer various bells and whistles, including the option to access data from mobile devices, backup multiple PCs from one account, and share large files with teams. Another increasingly popular option is to build your own personal cloud with the help of a wireless network and sturdy storage devices currently available in the market.

Option 3

If a server is being used in this business to run email, databases or business applications, backing it up is a must. In order to do this, installing and using backup software that saves data to disks or tape is the first step. Another option often favored by small businesses that don't have ready access to it support services is a cloud-based solution.
Data is simply uploaded via the web and the cloud provider takes care of it maintenance. The downside is that data transfer can be slow even with a broadband connection. Security may also become an issue as clouds may be hacked just as easily as a local storage device.


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