Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Essay

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Protection for employees

If employees adhere to the rules of the acceptable use policy, there are less liable to questionable issues. This also prevents them from engaging in hazardous internet issues, for instance, they are less likely to disclose their contacts to crackers using social engineering approaches. Moreover, ABBA should settle on using universal guidelines and principles with respect to network security, it risk assessment, risk analysis, and risk management. In this respect, regulatory compliance is a vital aspect influencing the creation of business continuity approach (Frank, 2006).

Furthermore, while Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery regulations may be insignificant in some business incidents, companies should be aware of legislation regulating data integrity, availability and compliance. This helps the company in setting up a Business Continuity strategy. The following is a universal disaster preparedness principle for a company facing network security issues with respect to it risk assessment, analysis and management (Frank, 2006).

The ABBA agency should ensure its security and flexibility against probable disasters by implementing the following policies;

1) Telecommunications Asset Management: ABBA should maintain suitable safeguarding of telecommunications assets.

2) Physical Security: ABBA should prevent illegal physical access, harm and intrusion to business premises.

3) Communications and Operations Management: ABBA should ascertain the acceptable and safe operation of telecommunication facilities.

4) Information Security: ABBA shall guarantee safeguarding of data in networks, and the secure operation of data processing facilities.

5) the company should identify the existing Telecommunication Asset ("asset"), and preserve a record of all vital assets.

Furthermore, while reviewing the overall company policies and procedures that are significant for maintaining security, ABBA agency must evaluate the rights and permissions granted to the users by the legal systems for digital media in the U.S. Court.
It is essential for ABBA to regularly audit user security rights and permissions to ensure that existing security rights falls in user rights policies and users are unable to violate the rights and policies provided. One of the policies maintained by the company is data loss prevention and regulatory compliance. This policy safeguards organizational security, and concerned with internal risks and threats, for instance, malware, network attacks, and hacker intrusions internal data security and external data loss (Frank, 2006).

Data Loss Prevention is a security policy that prevents the loss of data and safeguards its discretion and privacy. The security measure encompasses the company's data as well as the customer's data stored and disseminated by the company. It is the role of the company to protect data from theft, loss and interference during either storage or transit.

ABBA must have Data Loss Prevention mitigation techniques that employ internal security that utilizes standard network security techniques. Some of the techniques consist of firewalls and antimalware appliances to avoid internal threats, and security for external traffic by employing content filtering and encryption technology. In addition, there are numerous government-driven regulations and policies concerning the protection of data for companies in various industries (Frank, 2006).


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