Business Communication Is a Necessity in a Essay

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Business Communication

Communication is a necessity in a firm for ensuring effective interaction between employees and the management (Hartley & Bruckmann, 2001, pg 345). Communication also determines the code of ethics in a business and should be observed strictly (Mehrabian, 2007, pg 234). A firm's business revolves around people in the external environment, the employee team as well as its clients. Every individual in the firm must be accorded respect and fairness for them to work effectively. Stakeholders of a firm should act in everyone's best interest to ensure that the desired ethical cultures are observed (Mehrabian, 2007, pg 234).

Considering case studies of company dealing with Roy haulers limited (Mehrabian, 2007, pg 234). The company deals with goods' clearing and forwarding, as well as customer care handling. Three of its managers recently had a disagreement on an issue that arose due to the ignorance and mistrust elicited by the operations manager (Mehrabian, 2007, pg 234). The manager is supposed to consult the purchases and the accounts department before any goods can be dispatched. The manager took advantage of his position in the firm and made a purchase order without consulting on the other departments. This created slot of mistrust and jealously in the chain of command as the company chairperson did nothing to that effect since the operations manager was his cousin (Mehrabian, 2007, pg 234).

Problem evaluation

Interactional justice requires that all employees be treated with dignity (Mehrabian, 2007, pg 234). It also calls for fair decision-making. The company chair ought to have carried out corrective measures on his cousin in line with the code of ethics. The operations manager should have followed proper procurement procedures and do it in the best interest of the firm. Decisions taken at the firm level must elicit commitment and trust among all concerned.
Stiff measures should also be put in place to punish offenders and those not acting in line with the code of ethics (Mehrabian, 2007, pg 234). Proper flow of information is also essential in reducing cases of mistrust and disagreements rising.

Issues to be addressed in dealing with shareholders

Stakeholders in every business must be addressed with a lot of caution (Mehrabian, 2007, pg 234). They influence business operations through decision-making. Business should purpose prioritizing their stakeholders' in terms of power and seek to find out their motivation in a bid to improve a firm's performance. Stakeholders' support in decisions and projects is substantial and should be desired by every manager (Mehrabian, 2007, pg 234).

Communication has evolved in many ways to suit changing trends (Mehrabian, 2007, pg 234). Several changes in the flow of information have risen over the years. For instance, email have replaced post office mails to facilitate speedy deliver if information. Key ethical, cultural practices to be observed by managers are meant to improve a business's liberty and ensure justice as well as equality for all that are concerned (Mehrabian, 2007, pg 234). Communication in a business also helps build a strong rapport and ensures conflicts are solved amicably (Locker, 2004, pg 88). Healthy communication trends will in addition, facilitate thriving business trends and relationship patterns (Hartley & Bruckmann, 2001, pg 345). Shareholders and other people concerned with the top management decisions in a firm should embrace the fact that people are diverse and differ in many ways depending on their bring up (Mehrabian, 2007, pg 234). Therefore, the only way to united employees is only to embrace….....

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