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Codes and Regulations

Building rules are applicable in situations whereby the property owners decide to modify, demolish or establish heir buildings according to the jurisdiction of the building codes and conducts. According to Ching and Winkel (2012), structures and construction projects are governed by various codes and regulations during the construction of new houses, refurbishments and changes in the use of building among other construction activities. These building codes and regulations are to assist in maintenance of building sanity since the construction activities require no federal permits. Building plans are subjected to reviews for adherence with the laws and building codes.

The first code governing the construction of buildings requires the buildings to have fire protection systems installed. Fire protection systems such as automatic fire sprinklers are major requirement for constructors establishing buildings for commercial or public use. Legislations have been passed to make buildings comply with codes such as installation of smoke alarms, fire detectors among other to ensure the safety of homes at the time of sale and to the occupants (Land Lord Zone, 1990).

In addition, there are regulations that restrict the maintenance of risky buildings that may prove to be injurious to the public or the property owners.
The code requires the building to have exits in case of emergencies. The code further stresses the number of emergency exits the building should have based on the tenants number and daily visitors (San Diego Municipal, 2010). This code is relevant in large institutions or buildings, which may require an evacuation plan for individuals. The code requirement for emergency exits is based on the potential danger of hazardous flammable or toxic chemicals within the building.

Design Features of the Building

One side of the building had literally no smoke or fire signs. This shows that the materials used in construction were likely fire resistant. This material could have been steel or concrete limiting the spread of the fire. This side of the building is most likely designed using concrete and steel structures that are beneficial in containing fire. The view given forms the picture shows that one side had minimal or no ventilation spaces, which may have contributed to no fire, or smoke signs on the west side of the building.

Building Type


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