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Brands of Electronic Medical Records:

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are computerized medical systems that are created within a healthcare organization that allow the storage, retrieval and alteration of records. In most cases, these systems tend to be part of the local distinctive health information system within an organization that provides care like doctor's surgery or hospital. There are many brands of electronic medical records that are in existence today which are designed to eradicate many problems in the contemporary medical practice. These brands of electronic medical records include the following

NextGen EMR:

NextGen Electronic Medical Record is a resourceful, multi-module system which can be used to automate the workflow in medical practice regardless of the specialty and size of the particular practice (Corey, 2008). The system comes with pre-loaded specialty templates that contain detailed choices for documenting histories of patients, procedures and evaluations. In addition, this software contains applications that facilitate the smooth running of daily operations within a facility ranging from scheduling to billing.
One of the major advantages of NextGen EMR is the fact that it can be networked between facilities since it interfaces with various pharmacies, laboratories and hospitals. This interface enables different practices to coordinate patient care across different and various provider levels ("Compare EMR," 2010).

To ensure security and confidentiality of patients' records, the system has sophisticated protocols which are written in C+ + and Visual Basic. This enables the user to interact with the system via a moveable, wireless workstation or a typical Windows-based desktop computer while providing diagnostic support and information on clinical reference. NextGen EMR prices usually vary depending on the size of the practice and any extra options purchased.

Allscripts EMR:

This electronic medical records system delivers an integrated platform of solutions which enables the facilitation of improved collaboration and exchange of crucial patient information. In addition to being in the largest connected community of healthcare clients, Allscripts EMR is committed to providing One Network, One Platform, One Patient ("Allscripts.....

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