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Here we can see how Washington is utilizing his education to make illustrations and prove a point about African-Americans. He also exhibits a great deal of maturity throughout the course of the book that is commendable. Whenever he would encounter anyone that spoke negatively about his race he states that he only felt pity for the individual because he or she only wanted to "stop the progress of the world, and because I know that in time the development and the ceaseless advance of humanity will make him ashamed of his weak and narrow position" (204). This statement reflects a man that has matured and, because of his education, understands the nature of humanity.

No mad can keep a dream without hope. The end of the autobiography demonstrates the great hope that Washington has for mankind. He lived to see many thing and he changed the world around him in an incredible way. He understood that reconciliation was something that would take time and while he might not live to see African-Americans experience everything they deserve, he did not let go of hope. He writes, "The great human law that in the end recognizes and rewards merit is everlasting and universal" (318).
Here we the true definition of hope as it extends from one individual to all of mankind.

Up From Slavery demonstrates the power of that one individual can muster when determination and perseverance are incorporated in one's lifestyle. Perseverance, race reconciliation, and hope are Washington's goals. Through determination, he remains committed to them. In the classroom and front of large audiences, Washington did all that he could possibly to do see his hope for African-Americans come true. His life is an inspiration for anyone that faces adversity and still finds hope.

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