Oz of White Corn Syrup Lab Report

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By 2 cm on the lumbar.

Discuss what effect changing the dropping height had on the resulting stains

In two cases out of one (on the cloth and on the lumbar) it resulted in a smaller less porous, more flexible blob with a greater production of splatterings. On the cardboard, the result was the reverse: the blob was more rigid than the previous one had been. The 'blood', however, had congealed on tip of pipette and this might have affected results.

Document your observations of the effect of alka selzer on the cleaned up blood; was it what you expected? Why or why not? Did you have difficulty applying the solution?

I was expecting a chemical reaction to occur as has been my experience in the past with the pill, but I found only slight chemical reaction on the cloth and some clotting as well as elongation, some more bubbles / fizz on the lumbar as well as slight volcanic surge, and similarly on the tile although slightly more powerful.
Difference between expectation and reality was likely either due to the fact that the 'blood' was insufficiently liquid, or that the blood had congealed to a point that the seltzer would not impact,….....

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