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With the new algorithms and computational statistical techniques that John Doe will come up in his research, there will surely be positive changes that will be applied to the medical practitioners and other healthcare providers particularly in data analyses and presentations.

Meanwhile, part of John Doe's" long-term goal is to focus his career on computational genomics research. He is inspired by different research methods and the benefits of coming up with good research findings.

Thus, he is optimistic that with his Computer Science background coupled with the understanding in Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology that he will achieve, he will be able to perform effectively as a researcher on computational genomics.

In this type of career, it is not enough that a researcher is able to present the data. More so, is will not be enough if the researcher knows where and when to get the needed information for a particular idea or concept. What is very essential in being a computational genomics researcher is the fact that the researcher himself knows how to analyze and interpret the data he/she will gather and present the said data in a more meaningful and/or useful way. Thus, the combination of Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology is sure to make John Doe an effectual researcher of computational genomics.

The School

John Doe has specifically chosen this school because of its long-term good standing in providing better training of students and of course in giving the better access to information and research.

The students who have graduated to this school have excelled in their own line of career. They are the living proofs that what they have learned in the university can play a very essential role in honing their skills and abilities and in opening better opportunities, locally and internationally.
The school itself has outstanding research facilities which will provide the students with good access to information. The libraries and other research facilities are updated from time to time which assure the students that they are accessing the timely and/or updated versions of books, journals and/or magazines.

The professors are well-endowed with knowledge. Based on records, professors in this school offer an open communication with the students. They provide assistance to the students particularly in the aspect of information-sharing.

These are the main reasons why John Doe really wants to be part of this institution.

He knows that what he will achieve from this school will compensate what he had desired for a long time. He is optimistic that if he will be accepted from this school, he will be able to achieve his goals and career objectives in the desired time.


With the ever-changing needs and requirements of man, there is a high demand for scientific researchers, just like what John Doe aspires to be. The demand for science, medical and/or research breakthroughs is increasing. Human health and various medical procedures are waiting for new ways and approaches that will prove to be beneficial to a lot of people. Medical findings, data and statistical reports are laid down, waiting for new approaches of analysis and interpretation.

Evidently, what John Doe yearns to accomplish upon completing the said program will pave the way to a forward leap to medical sciences......

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