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Each of the core values of Bill Gates continue to make the attainment of this mission highly efficient. Being with optimism, Bill Gates creates a culture of goal attainment in his foundation, making the possible attainable through a combination of innovation, rigor of analytical insight and strong reliance on collaboration (Kenny, 2011). Bill Gates has learned how to orchestrate an optimistic mindset of goal attainment along with strong rigor of analysis around educational options for underprivileged regions of the world, along with a continual focus on collaboration to build a world-class foundation. Bill Gates also relies on a very strong set of transformational skills to ensure that the focus on social justice stays constantly at the center of all activity in the foundation (Stack, Ozawa, Bishai, et. al., 2011). As Gates is very familiar with how rapidly tasks and projects can change in response to market conditions, he has also created a highly effective strategic framework predicated on collaboration and communication throughout the organization. He regularly holds 360-degree reviews and audits of each initiative or program to ensure it is making progress towards the goal of delivering higher quality education options globally (Stack, Ozawa, Bishai, et. al., These values are all translated into agile, very responsive frameworks to further ensure a high level of project and initiative goal attainment.


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