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Due to the racial mixture of the Brazilian people, affirmative action is failing its intended goal. However, Rochetti does see how this system could benefit the population of Brazil with some benefits. In order to help bridge the gap between the rich educated Brazilians and the poor, uneducated people there, Rochetti believes that admission quotas should be used based not solely on an individual's race, but rather their class (Rochetti 2004). This would help bring in students of all races and mixed races, who would have been otherwise denied access to higher learning and all its benefits after graduation because they did not fit the exact racial profile. Rochetti believes that admissions quotas are ineffective in Brazil not because they are bad policies, but that they are just not being applied to the populations which need them most. Once adjustments are made, Brazil will also see the benefits of college admissions quotas.

Despite criticism, the essential goal of college quotas is beneficial to students and colleges everywhere. Thomas Sowell in his work "Racial Quotas in College Admissions: A Critique of the Bowen and Bok Study," explains how quotas and affirmative action benefit minorities, especially in smaller campus environments.
Not only do they bring in needed cultural perspectives, but here in small college environments, the benefit most from admissions quotas. Students who may need extra help and have been brought into the university through admissions quotas are met with a much more helpful environment. Studies have proved that there are much higher minority graduation rates in small campuses with admissions quotas, and much higher percentages of minorities going on to pursue post-Bachelor degrees, (Sowell 1999).

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