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As with all responsibilities and duties of a teacher or other classroom leader, preparation is a fundamental aspect of behavior management. Developing a comprhensive and detailed understanding of the needs of classroom management and the processes that can fulfill those needs is essential before even entering the classroom.

Once a full strategy for achieving a well-managed and positively supportive classroom has been developed, the teacher must then adhere to this plan while teaching in order to maintain consistency and provide clear and ongoing expectations for the students in the classroom. This consistency should actually be an explicit and entirely integrated part of the classroom management system, as without such consistency there will not be any shared understanding of the practices and behavioral expectations, and the entire system will essentially be obsolete (Young & Richardson, 2007; Koza & Smith, 2010). The teacher has a responsibility to treat all situations and students as fairly and as evenly as possible, with adjustment for individual student's learning needs and emotional/psychological variances, and maintaining an objective and supportive stance is one of the key duties of the teacher overall and specifically in achieving proper classroom management.

Discipline and management should never be the primary task or goal of any teacher or classroom. Learning environments exist to provide for the growth, exploration, and progression of learners, and not simply to indoctrinate and control them. Proper classroom management is a very important aspect of achieving an appropriate learning environment, however, as it is through the management of the classroom that learning and play activities can be designed and implemented for the greatest benefit and progression of all students. Management should support rather than control the learning process.


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