Beer War a Series of Essay

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Craft beer makers make small profits as a result of their hard work because they constantly need to invest in order to be able to keep up with legislations imposed by larger companies. The fact that the number of beer connoisseurs is much smaller than the number of individuals who believe that they like beer and who are likely to drink anything that is in front of them is one of the principal issues with craft beer. In order to make their products available to a wider public, small breweries need to invest in advertising and need to present beer aficionados with the elements that differentiate their beer from more common beer types. It is difficult to assess the effects that such a strategy would have on their profits, as a dedicated brewer is even likely to end up spending much of his or her profits on advertising techniques.
With large breweries also issuing advertising campaigns that associate their products with traditional beer making, beer consumers have a hard time understanding what product they should choose, as most of them fail to learn that there is actually a very big difference between mainstream beer products and beers that are produced with the brewers actually getting actively involved in the making process.

All things considered, it is very difficult and almost impossible for occasional beer consumers to have access to small beer products as long as the three big names continue to exercise their authority in the industry. People basically need to focus on searching and finding beer types that they want through ignoring advertisements......

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