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It has become a strong fashion in both countries. But while in America it is played by most people because they are brought up learning to respect and appreciate the game, in Japan the game is perceived as a game where both intelligence and the body must be used at the same time in order to win and to surpass oneself. It is in both the countries that the game stimulates a sense of national pride in its players but this occurs through different means. In the United States all the players are important, but the most important thing is for the team to win. In Japan on the other hand the value of the single player within the team is fundamental. The Americans might play to win. The Japanese would play in order to win after having played an excellent game giving the best of themselves. Japanese appreciate baseball because in a way they find it similar to sumo and the direct confrontation between opponents which this game implies. All in all it can be stated that while baseball may have different cultural meaning in Japan and in the U.S.A., it represents a challenge and a means of entertainment and self development for absolutely all its players


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