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First, this viewpoint essentially discounts all abstract works from being called "art." This idea seems counterintuitive to many; numerous art critics, collectors, viewers, and even Rand (see below) consider abstract art to be art, based on the metaphysical emotions it re-creates. Rand's Objectivist philosophy does not completely accept emotions as having an existence independent of a subject, and therefore her view on non-representational art is at least consistent with Objectivist metaphysics. However, it seems that her definition of art as it pertains to music is incompatible with her dismissal of non-representational art, since she states that music re-creates reality by sound waves evoking metaphysical emotions (Rand, Vis Arts 109). It may be argued that her view of music is consistent with Objectivism if the music is combined with lyrics; however, Rand appears to be unclear on this point.

Rand's view that work of art must be judged by an "objective, rational standard" (Rand, Vis Arts 109) is consistent with Objectivism. However, it is inconsistent with many prevailing notions that the value of a work of art changes based on the beholder's opinions, which are subject to cultural norms, among other influences (Kreiner 9).

In conclusion, in this paper I have described Ayn Rand's life and background, discussed her work, especially her philosophy of art, and critiqued her work. The critique has focused on Objectivism's views of art.
The critique argues that Objectivism's definition of art excludes all abstract art, which is not only a counterintuitive view, but also may be inconsistent with Objectivism.

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