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He seems excited at the prospect of marriage and children. I find such excitement perfectly bizarre. How can he even want children? Timothy came to the plantation at the same time I did. While I could sort of understand how his lady would want children -- she knew nothing else -- I cannot understand such a drive in him.

May he just has more life left in him than I did. Maybe he wants to feel less lonely. I cannot summon the energy for emotion anymore. Maybe it has all been beaten out of me. We live in terrible, dark times, and there is nothing to indicate that it would ever improve. The white demons would never treat us as anything better than the lowest animal.
Indeed, they even treat their pampered pets better than us.

There is no hope left for me in this world. If I had a way, I would have killed myself. As it is, I simply wait for death. I am only eighteen, so I expect I will have a long time to wait.


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