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Auto Various questions relating to Automotives, Safety and Environmental Concerns Discuss the apparent reluctance of auto manufacturers to put consumer safety ahead of profits. Money is, of course vitally important, especially in America. However, just recently we have heard news on how a Toyota killed a family, who was not able to use the breaks on the highway. Auto accidents are climbing rapidly, and often traffic on the highway is due to such accidents, which is a sad fact.[footnoteRef:1] Of course, auto manufacturers are not necessarily at the base of these statistics, and human error undoubtedly plays a role; yet many studies do conclude that the emphasis is often on profit instead of customer safety, which is worrying indeed. [1: U.S. Census Bureau-Accidents and Fatalities (2011). Retrieved September 22, from . ] One study, for example, is concerned that the U.S. is much too complacent with the incidence of accidents and the limited safety standards that are imposed upon auto manufacturers by the government, as well as the limited safety features that that manufacturers have implements in accordance with the Department of Transportation's advice, about which nothing has been updated in many years. [footnoteRef:2] [2: Friedman, D. (2011). THE MINICARS RSV -- STILL A CAR FOR THE FUTURE. Center for Injury Research United States/Paper Number 09-0480 .]

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"We lose thousands of Americans in Frontal and Side Impact Crashes and it is completely unnecessary. The RSV features would have saved many lives that have been lost, but for the governments indulgence of the manufacturers reluctance to put safety ahead of profits. And the worst….....

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