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Galileo Galilei played another major role and vastly improved the telescope, allowing future astronomers to make much more accurate calculations because of improved observations. Through his updated telescope, he was able to observe and record the phases of Venus as well as discover several of Jupiter's larger moons. Sir Isaac Newton was another major figure that helped create the ideas of modern astronomy. Through his work in physics, Newton created his theory of the laws of motion and the concept of gravity. The laws of motion and gravity became a way to understand and explain the movements of the planets and other celestial bodies. Without these men's great achievements, modern astronomy would be much different than it is today.

Planets can be either Jovian or terrestrial. There are a number of major differences between these two types of planets. Terrestrial planets are rocky masses that have solid surfaces, often made of rock and other hard substances and minerals. Some of these planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. These planets tend to be much smaller than their Jovian counterparts and are located closer to the sun. These planets made of rock and hard metals are incredibly dense and have no rings with fewer moons and other satellites. On the other hand Jovian planets are made up of thick balls of gasses.
These planets are much larger than terrestrial planets. They are often composed of Hydrogen and Helium gasses that swirl around the planet in massive cloud-like atmospheres. These huge planets have much lower densities, a greater chance of having rings and more satellites that orbit them. Such planets include Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

Stars are found millions of light years away. Due to these vast distances, there is the phenomenon of what is called the stellar parallax. The stars image from observations on Earth is distorted. Their placement and position of the star is displaced because of the enormous distances in combination with the orbital movement of the Earth itself. The stars appear to be moving through the night sky, yet they are actually still in the same place. It is the movement of the Earth that distorts their position within the sky. Modern astronomers can use the apparent movement of the star as a way to judge its distance from the Earth. The distance between the star can be correlated through understanding its relationship to the Earth's movement around the sun.

The Earth's moon is a strange object. There are various theories to the creation of the moon. Some believe that it was created at.....

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