Assyrian Empire Vs. The Persian Empire Although Essay

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Assyrian Empire vs. The Persian Empire

Although both, the Assyrian and the Persian empires proved to be two of the most famous of their times, there were noticeable differences among them both and what strategies they used to establish their name and carry their empires towards success and leadership. Both of them managed to spread their empires to vast levels and leave traces for the other later empires to follow.

The Assyrian Empire was situated in Northern Mesopotamia and was spread out over four nations which are Syria, Turkey, Iran and Iraq. This empire proved to be one of the most powerful ones present at its time and conquered much of the East which led to the massive success and strength of the empire. The Tigris and the Euphrates rivers flowed between the lands of the Assyrians which enriched their conquered lands.

The empire basically originated in the northern side of Iraq and by the end of the 9th century, they successfully spread their control in Egypt, Iran and other countries situated in the Middle East. Although the Assyrians were largely deprived of any form of education, they did however lay a large amount of emphasis on the need to have polished skills for warfare which they focused on at a very young age. Their motive was to capture as much land as they possibly could because they associated their strength in these terms to their religion and how that would be a form of fulfillment (Yamada, 2000).
Their strength came in the way they initiated the iron weapons and they gave their soldiers these weapons to fight with. They also introduced the tactics of fighting with the horse chariots and mastered the art of organized military leadership which led to their success because of the way in which their army was so united. They started off with a small army but at the peak of their success, they were one of the….....

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