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4. Conclusions

In the article Ethical Issues in Information Technology, author Richard T. DeGeorge points out the existence of five interrelated ethical issues: issues in the usage of technology in business, issues in the it business, issues related to the Internet, issues in e-business and issues affecting the social background. Each of the five categories presents several ramifications. The article has a general coverage, an informal writing and throughout its 24 pages presents reduced details. The article merely highlights the existence of ethical problems and concerns in the information technology sector and poses questions as to how could these problems be best resolved. The academician also gives short but relevant examples as to how it procedures are being improperly used to deceive and cause harm. Among these examples, DeGeorge includes shortcoming of the medical systems, within organizations and individual usage of the Internet, mentioning at all times the inappropriate legislature.

Relative to other scholarly materials on the topic, Ethical Issues in Information Technology presents both similarities along side with differences.
These reside in the writing styles, the general or specific approach, the level of details and examples or the topics covered (medical, social or economic). DeGeorge basically covers most topics but does not detail them, whereas other academicians and writers present limited topics but with extensive details.


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