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The main downside to cloud computing is if something goes wrong with the provider of the cloud, the entire system and its data could be compromised. Network and connectivity problems with the provider could result in the entire system becoming inaccessible, bringing productivity to a standstill. Finally "before adopting this technology, you should know that you will be surrendering all your company's sensitive information to a third-party cloud service provider" (Viswanathan 2012).

Q3. Informal Poll: smart phones and tablets, which features and capabilities have you found most and least desirable?

My smartphone gives me a great deal of peace of mind. Not only can I call people -- I can also check my email, Facebook, and other social media accounts very easily. It enables me to stay in touch with both friends and work wherever I am. When I am driving, I can use my phone's GPS applications to ensure I do not get lost. I can also use my phone to find nearby places to eat, get gas, and other basic functions.
Its apps allow me to check everything from how long I run and how many calories I consume to how much I spend. The more I know, the more secure I feel. Tablets allow many of the capabilities of smartphones, including the ability to access the internet, but with a larger screen and greater ease for writing longer documents. Of course, smartphones cannot do one very important thing phones can (without additional technology like Skype) -- smartphones allow listeners to take calls and engage in more synchronous forms of communication.


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