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Anthem, the author Ayn Rand once again examines the conflict between the individual and society. The story occurs in a fictional location and society where the individual possess no rights. It is the responsibility of the individual to serve the state and any form of independent thinking or action is strictly prohibited. Against this background, the hero of the story, Equality 7-2521, emerges as an intelligent young man who has a dream of being scientist but, instead, is directed by the state to be a street sweeper. In direct opposition to the state, Equality secretly performs scientific research and experiments and, in the process, he discovers the electric light. Equality is excited by his discovery and is hopeful that it will benefit society but he soon learns that the state looks upon his discovery negatively and the governing Council actually threatens to destroy it.

The struggle that forms the basis of this story is Equality's desire to think and live as he wishes. The society in which lives controls every aspect of his life except his capacity to think. This they cannot control and Equality takes full advantage of this by engaging in his science experiments. Equality refuses to let the state prevent him from pursuing his individual interests. Realizing that if he were caught he would be sanctioned severely, Equality, nevertheless, continues to dissect animals, perform chemistry experiments, and work on his inventions.
His individual need to know and understand as much as he can overrides his loyalty and fear of the state.

Although Equality eventually rejects the authority of the state he did not do so whimsically. Throughout most of the story he is conflict with not only the society that he lives in but also with himself. He has been raised in a society where there is no I. Everything that one does in Equality's society is done for greater good and this concept has been ingrained in him his entire life. As he matures he begins to struggle with the control that his society has on him and tries to find a way to follow his desire to be a scientist while not violating any of society's rules that are restraining him. The important thing to remember is that Equality's violating his society's rules is not done in the spirit of rebellion but, instead, it is done because he wants to create. He has no desire to be either a follower or to be in command. He just wants to be his own person and be free to pursue his dream of being a scientist. Unfortunately, his society demands that everyone conform and creativity is not acceptable. In an effort to develop his creativity….....

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