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No sophisticated discussion of the Holocaust, Israel, or even the diary of Anne Frank can avoid the complex issues surrounding the early Zionist movement. The United States support for Israel could also be controversial in class. However, the Holocaust was of such tremendous scale and historical relevance that awareness of anti-Semitism and Jewish history has increased dramatically throughout Western Europe and North America.

Comparing the experience of oppression, persecution, and torture of the Jews with the experience of oppression by other groups of people would offer the richest opportunities for students of history. History is about synthesis, analysis, and finding patterns among world cultures and in different periods of time. A multidisciplinary approach to history that incorporates some elements of personal psychology and sociology also enriches classroom discussions. This unit uses Anne Frank's Diary of a Young Girl to illustrate the multidisciplinary nature of history.

Although The Diary of a Young Girl is most often associated with grade school level history and literature, the text can be treated as an important primary source document in higher education.
I would prefer to treat the diary not as a stand-alone source but rather to use it as one of many artifacts that lends insight into (a) anti-Semitism in the history of Europe (b) anti-Semitism outside of Europe (c) Jewish history (d) the triumphant spirit amid torture. The diary of Anne Frank simple offers too many opportunities for a rich and varied historical discussion to wantonly include it among course readings. At the same time, Diary of a Young Girl offers a singular account of the Holocaust and one that avoids any discussion of the gas chambers. Students of history cannot receive a sterilized version of the Holocaust and would need to read Diary of a Young Girl alongside key survivor manuscripts and other supporting materials......

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