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Two main aims of the zoos are highlighted by the author in the article. Firstly, zoos provide the environments that are suitable and represent some level of wilderness. Secondly, the zoos must provide entertainment to the visitors. But the zoos have been criticized by the author. One of the most important facts in these cases is the relationship between pornography and zoos as given by the authors. The way animals are represented in the zoos in the pictures has been very much compared with the sexual representation in pornography. From here, it can be realized that the animal representation is very offensive. Another important fact that has been highlighted by the author is that the zoos are failing to provide the correct education about the life of the animals. The main education that is now being provided by the zoos to the visitors is that the animals have been captivated for the entertainment of human beings. The animals that have been kept captive are to be understood in terms of their needs and requirements. The modern zoos do not certainly understand the needs that these animals have which are the main aim of the arguments given by the author in the article. One of the most important examples in these cases as given by the author is that of jaguar whose total required wild land equals ten times the land of the zoos where these jaguars are held captive (Acampora, 2005, p. 77).

Three important books and articles have been discussed in the previous sections with summaries with the help of which the main aims of the books and the article can be understood. The main aims of the highlighted readings are to highlight the rights of the animals. The first two books highlighted in the previous section is in relation to the animal testing, cosmetic making and how the foods being consumed by the human beings is at the cost of the sacrifice of the non-human animals.
Some of the main facts that have been highlighted by Singer is that non-human animals suffer for the entertainment, luxury and foods of the humans. The slaughter houses that are these days active are to be closed down. Second reading is in relation to the moral theories that include contractarianism, Kantian ethics, and utilitarianism. Tom Regan in the second mentioned book has highlighted the importance of the moral theories and if these moral theories will have any effect on the moralities being followed in the modern days. The animal rights are important and these rights are to be respected in all cases. Third study is different from the first two studies in two important ways. Firstly, the study does not mention or refer to the moral theories in relation to the animal rights. Secondly, use of animal meat a food or for industrial purposes has not been highlighted. The main aim of the third study is to highlight the ways in which animals are represented in the zoos, compared with sexual representation in pornography. The usage of non-human animals for the entertainment of humans is offensive. It is important that non-human animals are treated by taking into account the rights that they have of being respected.


The paper has highlighted the fact that the animals have rights and these rights are not only in a need to be understood by the industrialized world but also the humans who are unaware of the source of their food, and cosmetics.


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