Anatomy & Physiology 101 the Peripheral Nervous Essay

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Anatomy & Physiology 101

The Peripheral Nervous System

It is difficult to decide the importance of one set of senses over another, because consequentially, each of the senses enables the working of another or two of the senses. Seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling, and tasting are all somehow connected to each other; without one of the five, a particular system also becomes lacking in the sense department. That said, because of the importance in the olfactory nerves, the sense of smell is perhaps the most necessary of the senses. Without smell, a number of the other senses become lacking. Smell enables one's taste buds to taste the bitterness, sweetness, saltiness, and sourness of a particular food. Smell also acts as a warning sign for many different reasons; for instance, one can clearly determine the safety of an environment by smelling the air and looking for any traces of explosive gases around them.

Of course, not everyone will agree over the importance and reliance one has on the senses.
Some are trained to depend upon one sense over another. For instance, a food critique will clearly be trained to heighten his or her sense of smell and taste over the other senses. On the other hand, a musician's most important senses run along those of his or her sight and hearing. One can even argue that the sense of feeling is another alternate warning sign for those who rely on their pain thresholds to help them avoid objects or situations.

Perhaps it is in this last sense, the sense of touch, that one sees a change from childhood to adulthood. During childhood,….....

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