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Overall the underlying theme of the story is that some people really are criminally minded and what may be seen a "right of youth" can be quite detrimental over the long run. As such negative behaviors must be dealt with appropriately even if this means that the family of the criminal may be embarrassed. In the case of Sasha reform seemed unlikely only because he had already lost hope. This is evident because he is 25 years old and he refers to life as being insufferably difficult. It seems that the loss of his parent and his lack of education and guidance have made it difficult for him to make good choices in life. As such he has been associating with the wrong elements and this has led to criminal behavior.
It is evident that Sasha has deep seated issues related to entitlement and a clear lack of direction and discipline. However, Sasha seems unwilling to understand his responsibilities and lacks respect for his family and their legacy. Sasha was beyond rehabilitation by the end of the story and his lack of maturity was evident. Chekhov's representation of Sasha poses significant questions about what constitutes criminal behavior and how to deal with such behaviors when they….....

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