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" When and if the U.S. cuts back on the use of fossil fuels to reduce global warming, other nations may well follow our example.

To wit, when we allow the United Nations to conduct searches for potential weapons of mass destruction in our own country, or in countries we have disputes with, other nations may follow and allow inspectors into their country as well. It is idealistic to believe that other nations will do the right thing if only we do the right thing first, but there's no rule that says foreign policy can't have idealism. America was founded on the principals of idealism -- "In order to form a more perfect union" -- and on the other hand America was founded on realism too. If we don't cut the cord with England, we will forever be beholding to tyrants.

Wright understands that the U.S. can never say we won't invade another country. However, the U.S. must not ignore the Security Council "and international opinion" by invading countries when there is no "imminent threat" against us or throwing away "a golden post-9/11 opportunity to strengthen the United Nations' power as a weapons inspector.

In the aftermath of America's disastrous invasion and occupation of Iraq, the country should take a position that is closer to progressive realism than what Bush took. Patience, Wright offers, and using "economic engagement and other forms of peaceful, above-board influence" is the correct way to "nurture regime change." Realistically, the argument that conservatives use to justify Bush's invasion of Iraq -- we need regime change and the world is better off without Saddam Hussein -- leads to a terrible cost in lives lost and taxpayer money wasted.

By pushing ahead with his attack on Hussein, Bush "flunked Realism 101," Wright insists. The bottom line is American needs to encourage and support free markets, like we do in Vietnam, and back away from expensive and reckless military adventures that accomplish nothing but giving the U.S. A black in world opinion.

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