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(Steinbeck, 1939)

When the Grapes of Wrath is compared with the other works that are discussed earlier, it is clear that this is showing the negative side of the American dream. In this situation, things did not work as planned for the Joads. Instead, they were forced to deal with these challenges and believe that things will turn around. This determination is showing how the American dream is more than just about succeeding or failing. On the contrary, it is illustrating how the personal relationships with one another and the lessons that are learned will help to make everyone successful. The key for achieving this goal is to never lose faith in each other, no matter the consequences or the outcomes. (Steinbeck, 1939)

This is different from the previous works, by highlighting the struggles and how the American dream can be realized. As the Grapes of Wrath, is discussing the relationships that are fostered (which helps everyone to overcome these challenges). The key to realizing true potential is to have faith in each other and the long-term objectives. This is the underlying meaning from all three works. In many ways, one could argue that this is what helps to make the American dream an idea that so many are constantly looking for.


Clearly, the American dream is having a major impact on society.
This is because it is more than just one single concept. Instead, it is a series of ideas that are continually evolving with the various social norms and attitudes. A Raisin in the Sun, the Grapes of Wrath and the American Dream are all highlighting how these views must constantly change. Yet, they are also illustrating that the American dream is about people working together (in achieving common goals), perseverance and remaining committed to the long-term objectives.

The combination of these factors are important, in showing how the American dream is a series of ideas that help to form a basic foundation of thinking. While at the same time, it is about adapting to new concepts to improve opportunity for everyone. Once this takes place, is when an individual can be able to realize their long-term objectives through remembering these concepts. This is when they can have a positive impact on the world around them and change society for the better.


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