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Preamble of the United States Constitution

The preamble of the Constitution of the United States is concerned with the unification of the individual states under a common endeavor. (U.S. Const. pmbl) This is evident in the reference to the creation of "a more perfect union." (U.S. Const. pmbl) This is hardly surprising in light of the conversations which took place during the Constitutional Convention in Pennsylvania. There, tensions were evident between the individual states and the central government that was to be. Tensions arose because the states were being asked to cede a significant amount of power to the central government. The preamble of the U.S. Constitution attempts to alleviate the concerns of the states. All of the language is framed in such a manner as to make the security of the individual states coextensive with the security of the central government.( U.S. Const. pmbl) As such, notions of justice, domestic tranquility, and most importantly the idea of a "common defense" are among the central guiding principles of the Constitution as a whole and were used to create a central government where once there were 13 fractured colonies.
( U.S. Const. pmbl) Unity is emphasized so as to highlight the benefits of ceding power; namely, the idea that all of the citizens are far safer together.

Preamble of the Massachusetts State Constitution

The preamble to the Constitution of the Massachusetts, unlike the preamble to the United States' Constitution contains themes of natural law and divine right. (Mass. Const. pmbl) While extolling the free will of individuals to freely contract with liberty without oppression or force, the overall tone relies on the presence of God in the midst of the contract. (Mass. Const. pmbl) It evokes divine right and notions of providence. (Mass. Const. pmbl) The precursor to the manifest destiny movement is evident in the language. The preamble expresses thanks for the God-granted opportunity….....

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