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American Constitution:

The Massachusetts Constitution is the basic and essential governing document of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that was developed during the Massachusetts Constitutional Convention by John Adams, James Bowdoin, and Samuel Adams. The Federal Constitution is the oldest constitution in existence that was drafted by a convention of delegates from the thirteen initial states in May 1787. One of the most important parts of both the Massachusetts and Federal constitutions is the preambles that serve as the introduction to both documents. There are similarities and differences between the Preamble of the Massachusetts Constitution and the Preamble of the Federal Constitution.

Similarities between the Two Preambles:

Some of the major similarities in the preambles of the two constitutions as the fundamental governing documents include:

Introduction of the Document:

One of the main similarities in the preambles of the two constitutions is that they introduce the documents while capturing and reflecting the sources and authority upon the constitutional tradition.
As part of its introduction of the document, the Preamble of the Massachusetts Constitution acknowledges the goodness of the Great Legislator of the World for providing an opportunity for the residents in this state to enter into a solemn compact with each other. On its part, the Preamble of the Federal Constitution introduces the document by capturing the sources of the constitutional tradition that were largely used in early state constitutions (Lutz, n.d.).

Establishes the Foundation Elements:

The Preamble to the Federal Constitution effectively consists of the necessary foundation elements by creating a people through its first phrase. This development of creation of a people is followed by the establishment of essential values and goals, general welfare, justice, liberty, the common defense,….....

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