America's Cuban Conundrum Issue That Prompted the Essay

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America's Cuban Conundrum

Issue that prompted the EU to take the Helm-Burton dispute to the WTO

The stances of the U.S. government in the suctions issued upon Cuba were heavy and non-beneficial to many countries and subsidiary organizations. The benefits of the sanctions were felt with no role in bringing consistency of access to the exciting opportunities for business activities in Cuba. Many organizations, countries, and independent business people were willing to enter into relationships with Cuba in order to access the benefits accrued to opportunities in the market. Nonetheless, the stance of the U.S. On sanctions seemed to influence other nations into having a collateral relation with Cuba. For instance, the sanctions extended to other nations like Canada that initially had improved relations between them and the United States of America (Ratliff & Fontaine, 2000).

Moreover, Cuba was not in any case ready to let go or pay for the U.S. companies and businesses that were not covered up after the retirement of President Castro. With the increase of the Helm-Burton dispute, it was necessary to let the Cubans have their innate desire to establish rights of activity and business.
Though many issues were bending between the country and other business-potential nations, the EU had to take the Helm-Burton dispute to the WTO (Keegan & Green, 2005). This was done in the wake of lessening or reduces the possible effects of sanctions and business relations between Cuba and other nations.

Who benefits and who suffers from an embargo of this type

When an embargo of this type occurs, many people and organizations suffer or succeed. Business people and corporations who have established opportunities and business activities in nations slammed with embargo are bound to suffer. For instance, the businesses within U.S. that had seen an opportunity to capitalize on an exciting Cuban market experienced suffering. Cuba is another country that suffered and at the same time benefited from the embargo. The embargo brought another chance of progressing to agreements. Moreover, the country imposing sanctions, as the U.S. suffers in a number of ways as it is deprived of business opportunities and access to other basic facilities of trade within the region (Palmie?, 2002).

Resolution to the trade….....

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