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Lewis felt that the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968 law were in violation of the second amendment. This law prevented convicted felons from possessing firearms. However the court observed that since convicted felons weren't allowed a large number of their fundamental rights such as voting, holding office or serving on a jury. Therefore they felt that the firearm arm law did not violate the constitution as it was not based upon the constitution nor did they violate liberties set by the constitution.

Impact on people

The second amendment has had a lot of impact on the American public. It has divided them. There are some who actually doubt the value of the amendment. Some people are for gun control as they believe it to be the cause of rising crime. People believed that the second amendment isn't worth the fundamental rights. They believe that it has caused nothing more than muggings, children being murdered by their classmates and drive by shootings. Therefore a lot of people are for gun control. They feel that the second amendment does not have any value. There are people who support the second amendment. These people are national rifle association members who believe that every American has the right to bear arms as a form of self-defense. There has been a lot of debate about the right to bear arms. There have been a lot of issues surrounding the second and fourteenth amendment. There are some parties who believe that it is their right to keep arms. A lot of Americans don't know about their right to keep arms. There are people who belong to towns which are far from the line of safety. These people lie in the red American zone. Then there are the people who live in proper towns who believe that only government officials should be allowed to carry guns. There are a great number of civil right and liberties defenders who also defend their rights to use arms.
Interpretation in the future

Experts believe that the second amendment is open to a new interpretation in the future. The attorney general pressed the federal government in 2001 to change its interpretation of the second amendment to prove that it also covers individual gun ownership rights. The attorney journal wanted to prove that the amendment also extended to the people. Experts believe that such a change would do for a huge change in the federal gun control policy. Experts further believe that the second amendment allow will be reinterpreted as every American's right to bear arms. This would be catastrophic for the future of America as it could go unchecked. If the Supreme Court does not uphold its previous verdicts then it looks like the second amendment will be reinterpreted to show that it covers private individuals too. The gun lobby will make sure that this passage goes through. They make billions of dollars every year from the blood of innocent people.


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