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This destructive pattern continues and you become a regular gambler before you have had a chance to reflect on the destructive nature of this activity.

A gambler doesn't or should we say cannot stop when he should. He keeps going back to those casinos and those poker games even though the activity fails to generate the same initially feeling of ecstasy. The question arises: why does he keep returning to this activity when it is clearly not generating any positive feelings anymore. The answer lies in the fact that it is a behavioral problem which is not easy to let go of just like lying or stealing for example. People who are habitual liars cannot stop lying simply by setting their mind to it. It becomes a habit which can only be helped by proper therapy. Alcoholism similarly affects a person's behavior and when a person repeatedly does the same thing, it only reinforces the behavior.
One important thing to understand about alcoholism is that just like gambling, it doesn't only affect the person directly involved but also his entire family. When one person is suffering from a serious behavior problem, it is the entire family that suffers because his behavior is not normal and this is a socially disruptive pattern that disintegrates family dynamics.

As some wise man once said: all happy families are alike, all unhappy families are unhappy in their own way. This unhappy characteristic is developed by some abnormal actions of family members. It is for this reason that alcoholism or any other such activity causes serious disruption in the family life and it totally kills the entire social, physical and emotional world of the sufferer......

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