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These ideological views are bolstered by the numerous views propounded against GM products. Others see the GM products in a religious and philosophical light as a misguided attempt to control nature. "The central problem underlying all of this technology is not just its short-term benefits and long-term drawbacks, but the overall attempt to "control" living nature based on an erroneous mechanistic view. " (Batalion, J.)

In conclusion, the above discussion reveals the potential offered by GM crops and foods with regard to developing countries. While on the one hand the benefits of GM technology seem overwhelmingly obvious, yet there are numerous counter arguments that must be taken into account. Many countries in Southern Africa for example have taken advantage of genetically modified foods, but there is still a strong mistrust in many areas. On the other hand, some very cogent and wary arguments are put forward by those opposed to GM products.
These must be considered in a careful assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of this technology.


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