Gerontology Aging and Social Isolation Term Paper

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Black women enjoy most of these same relationships, which the study creators did not anticipate. The studies also discovered that even those aging blacks with few family members are good at establishing a network of close friends and distant relatives for support and kinship. For example, the study found if a man has no children, he might become increasingly close to his nieces, nephews, and cousins in an attempt to create a network of support and family ties. To the people in the study, kinship and family seems to become more important as they age, and without a network of friends, the aging person can become lonely, depressed, and disassociated from the outside world. One of their important results notes that more studies about black family relationships should be conducted over a larger demographic area.


Johnson, C.L. (Summer 1999). Family life of older black men. In Journal of Aging Studies, 13, p145. Retrieved September 07, 2006, from Expanded Academic ASAP via Thomson Gale:

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