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During any stage in our life, the functions carried out in our bodies have the plan of living. By our own decision, we can stop that activity, but for the most part our bodies function involuntarily. We do not order our hearts to beat or our lungs to function. Hence, akin to the embryo or fetus, we profit from the unaware intentionality of our bodily functions which act in manner which helps to keep us alive. (Intentionality: A way to argue against abortion)

Similar to embryo or fetus, though at a later stage, we benefit from that life and active body that we have received. Therefore the gap between those in support of and opposing abortion boils down to an issue of how each group perceives human life. Those in defense of the right to life of the unborn instinctively perceive that every human life received is a gift from God. As against this the pro-abortionists treat embryo or fetus as guilty until proven innocent since the unborn child's struggle to live is being cancelled without a hearing. (Intentionality: A way to argue against abortion)

It is here that the futility in a lot of situations of employing such arguments lies. Many supporters are just not favoring a justified talk of the mistake they do in ending life. But we have to fight our way against abortion.
Regardless of the success we think our endeavor might have in preventing abortions, we have no justification for not making the attempt, in whatever creative manner we can. Every abortion that is prevented albeit a tiny achievement statistically, signifies that one more little being gets the right to live and develop the great gift of life given by God. (Intentionality: A way to argue against abortion)


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