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The ads focus on the value aspect, illustrating both the high quality of the goods but also the relatively low price. The ads are bright but functional, and attempt to showcase a wide variety of products. In keeping with the diversity of the target market, the ads showcase a diverse range of models.

Abercrombie & Fitch's main advertising formats are its catalogue and website. They reinforce their position with attractive young models in fun or provocative situations. The ads all have a strong undercurrent of lifestyle marketing, which helps target the aspirational component of their target market. They are slickly produced. The catalogue is not mass marketed, but rather must be ordered, which lends the brand an air of exclusivity.

A&F does advertise in fashion and lifestyle magazines, but avoids mass marketing on television, radio or newspapers. This enhances the image of the brand as being one of high fashion.
Lord & Taylor makes use of soft colors, fonts and imagery to appeal directly to the female demographic. They use database marketing to reach their customers directly. This allows them to hit their target directly, with little spillover. L&T also hosts events at their stores. By providing their customers with the opportunity for a social occasion, L&T reinforces its image of upward social mobility.

It also serves to enhance the shopping experience, something which comes across well in most of L&T's advertising.

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