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, 2005). The framework centers strengthening the compatibility with existing values and practices to also ensure a high level of simplicity and observable results, two other factors crucial to creating an effective framework (Rogers, 2003). All of these elements must also be unified with a simplistic model to make sure the nurses can see the value of the system and their ability to manage it as a resource, not be managed by it.

The second framework element is providing the nurses with the opportunity gain greater mastery over the system by reinforcing the trialability of the system through an extended testing and validation stage. Often technology innovations require an adoption phase where those most affected by its disruptive change have the opportunity to tailor its specific elements and options to their unique needs (Rogers, 2003). This step in the framework allows for greater mastery of the system and more identification with what the system is attempting to provide in terms of additional functionality (Rogers, 2003).

The third framework element that would be used for structuring the discussion with the nurses is the role of observable results. This is one of the foundational elements as defined by Rogers (2003) and is essential for those most affected by technological change to identify with its positive aspects and also give them the chance to have an opportunity to influence it was well. Observable results can also lead to highly effective strategies for driving greater adoption rates over time as nurses see the innate value of the information produced (Cresswell, Sheikh, 2009).
This third foundational element of the framework also needs to quantify observable results and show how effective they are in defining relative performance over time as well. If presented in the framework well this third element of observable results can lead to greater levels of mastery and eventual endorsement of the system over time as well.


The framework defined in this analysis is designed to guide nurse professionals into adopting the new EHR system with a higher level of confidence and trust. It is also designed to show how the new system can readily help them excel in their roles, and the purpose of the EHR is to streamline those areas of operations that are the most manual and filled with drudgery today. The focus is on how to provide them with the best possible information in the shortest time, thereby freeing them up to be more effective at their jobs.


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