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Admission Letter to Wright State University

Thank you in advance for your consideration of my essay for admission. I am grateful for this opportunity and I look forward to becoming a worthy participant in your Master of Science in Nursing program.

Presently I am proud of the fact that in May, 2012, I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Ohio State University. Moreover, I am full of pride and sincerely humbled by my new assignment to teach as an adjunct clinical instructor at Rhodes College in Memphis, beginning in January, 2012. I am fully familiar with Rhodes College because I served as a preceptor for final quarter and semester students beginning in May 2009 -- and I will continue in that position through December 2012.

These opportunities have come my way because of my life-long commitment to excellence and thoroughness in everything I have done.

Indeed, in my adult life I have consistently zeroed in on one salient goal -- to achieve the credentials and experience needed for a meaningful career in education at a high level.
In part I have already achieved this goal because I have served as an educator at Lima Memorial Hospital and found that service to be stimulating and exciting in many contexts.

The teaching process has always been as much a learning process for me as it has been a rewarding pedagogic experience. I can honestly say the joy I received in my Lima Hospital teaching experience was more about inspiring students to raise the bar on their career goals -- while at the same time bringing new energy and ideas into the healthcare field -- as it was about getting a paycheck.

Becoming a valuable component in the nursing education field was my original motivating factor. And now that I have actually had an opportunity to become an important source….....

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