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Administration System

Education and training today are one of the most important components of success in life. Hence, institutions that offer these need to do so in a varied and relevant way to ensure that their students can make a success of their lives with the tools offered at the training institution in question. To accomplish such success for their students, one of the most fundamental requirements of such institutions is an adequate administration system. Since most of the pool of students entering campuses today have some sort of access to the online world, it would make sense to use a provider that offers as much online capability as possible. This is what Strathfield College in Australia seems to have accomplished with the CRICOS Management System.

According to Abraham (2013), the CRICOS Management System provides simple registration processes for a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) such as Strathfield. Once the system is in place, it offers the possibility of evolving with the needs and requirements of the institution. Alternatively, it can simply stay in place with the existing services and features it provided to start with.

The system includes basic policies, procedures, and forms that are required for compliance for the National Code 2007, as well as the ESOS Framework in the country. It also meets the requirements for RTOs that operate under Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) of which Strathfield is one. Strathfield's focus on excellence and quality in its systematic operations is part of the administrative system offered by CRICOS.
According to the Website, CRICOS Management Systems are set up in such a way to reflect the specific business involved and to ensure that the system operates within the context of the specific business involved. As such, the system was set up in such a way to reflect the logo, business name and specific details involve in Strathfield's offerings to its students.

Professional development is also offered to ensure the comfort and ease of personnel working with the system.

Client benefits for the system include an unlimited availability of email and phone support for the first 14 days after purchase and implementation. The choice of usage regarding this support is up to the institution itself.

Furthermore, the CRICOS system includes a suggestion system for its improvement. Any lack of excellence or ease can be addressed by means of a feedback and suggestion system that forms part of the operations at CRICOS. Any revisions resulting from such feedback are there offered in the form of a revised product free of charge.

The system includes some vital services for a company such as Strathfield College. Marketing and advertising, for example, can be used to recruit new students, service providers, and personnel. Enrolment is completely formalised, providing the institution with….....

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