Abused and Neglected Children an Term Paper

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Lastly, children that are abused and neglect tend to turn to spousal abuse and battering or intimate partner violence in adult life. The studies associate intimate partner violence with exposure to neglect, abuse, and witnessing parental violence in childhood (Widom & White, 2003). Moreover, children exposed to violence at home develop the same behaviors, by becoming more aggressive, and violence. This violence and aggression is alter turned to their peers and intimate partners in adult life.

Overall, children are abused and neglected in different forms, which have diverse negative effects in childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. A child is said to be abused or neglected if there is physical evidence of abandonment, physical harm that causes injury or death, and lack of emotional and psychological support. Parents also neglect their children by exposing them to hazardous environments in the home, sexual activity, forced prostitution, or denying them basic needs like education, food, clothing, and shelter.

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