Worn Path by Welty Eudora Thesis

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She does not seem to mind the cold, as she considers it to be effective in the thought that it prevents wild animals from leaving their shelter.

Phoenix interacts with several white people in her expedition, and, while most of them treat her with disrespect, others actually understand her problem and help her in solving it. The hunter, the lady on the street and the receptionist express their racism through their behavior and through the fact that they think that they know all about Phoenix and about people like her. The four individuals that interact with Phoenix contribute in shaping her character and in adding more logic to the story.

While people such as the hunter, the lady on the street, and the receptionist believe Phoenix to be a no-good beggar walking the streets with no actual purpose, the nurse is acquainted with the old woman's situation.
Moreover, the nurse is the one to reveal Phoenix's story, and the reason for which she went through all the trouble to get to town.

At the end of the story, besides from divulging the cause for Phoenix's efforts, the author also discloses the reason for which the old woman took the nickel that the hunter had dropped. Taking into consideration all the events undergone by Phoenix, one can understand that she had been determined to do anything in order to get the "soothing medicine"(Welty) that her grandson needed. Regardless of the shame that she went through to buy the toy that she knew would bring great joy to her grandson, Phoenix risked her honor in favor of making her family….....

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