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White racist people have since regarded any non-white person residing in the U.S. As a potential criminal.

Several attempts have been made in order to change people's opinions and to make all the people in the U.S. And in the whole world feel and act equal. Such attempts have been made so that people would no longer differentiate their fellow humans because of morally wrong reasons.

Barack Obama is the 44th U.S. president and the first Afro-American person to have ever been in charge of the U.S. office. His career previous to his designation as U.S. president is filled with achievements which have made him a feasible nominee for the office.

During his campaign, Obama has been put to test when he had been reported to have attended a church that had reverend expressing extremist racist thoughts. During his speech from the 18th of March, 2008, he chose to relate to the issue. He declared that he did not express the same beliefs as his former reverend. However, he had also claimed that he did not blame the reverend for his speeches because of the fact that it had been society that had led him to racism.

The main idea that Obama is meaning to address and condemn during his speech is racism. Furthermore, he is proposing methods of annihilating racism and making the U.S. A better place for its citizen to live in.

One of the first things that the audience is most probable to think of after listening to the speech is that it differs from the typical speech of a candidate for the presidency.
Indeed, the issues that Obama refers to during the speech are special when compared to the ones in other speeches from other candidates. The main thing that creates a link between Obama and the listeners is that he addresses things exactly as they should be addressed. Furthermore, he does not use the characteristic babbling relating to better jobs for the U.S. citizens and more money for everyone. At one point he even admits that things are not going to have a dramatically change of aspects during his mandate because of the fact that there is too much to be done. Despite that, he states that he wants to help people work together in making the world a better place where all people are equal.

Obama is aware that people are impressed by big words which reach into their hearts and thus he chooses to emotionally influence people to vote for him. The style he uses is largely formal, given the fact that he is holding a speech for hundreds of millions of people, but he also uses phrases in an informal style as he wants to make a bond with the listeners.

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